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Inspired by actors such as Jim Carrey, Wesley Snipes and Andy Serkis, Ace Ruele is known for his animated and physically demanding acting abilities.
From a young age, Ace was interested in becoming an action actor, but when he discovered motion capture and creature acting whilst working on the film, The Legend Of Tarzan (2016), he instantly knew this was exactly what he wanted to do.

“I never knew animals, monsters and creatures were played by humans, I thought they were all CGI.” ~ Ace Ruele

Fast forward to 2020, Ace is one of the UK’s leading actors within the motion capture/VFX industry. His ability to embody unorthodox creature movement and voice, has gained the respect of many who work within the industry around the world.
A majority of Ace’s work has been in films and video games, including titles such as, The Legend of Tarzan (film), Planets Of The Apes Vr (video game), The Inpatient (video game), Daymare 1988 (video game) and his biggest project to date, Marvel – Eternals (film).

Ace’s latest venture is through his company called, Creature-Bionics. The company’s purpose is to develop performance rigs that enhance an actor’s performance as a creature and create better data for motion capture and VFX reference. For a production, It will give the director better visuals to work with and provide the casted actors with better material to work off.

(View of different performance rigs created by Creature-Bionics)

(Youtube channel for animators)

In Volume With Ace Ruele
In The Volume With Ace Ruele is a Youtube channel where actors and animators can find tutorial videos, reference videos (for animation), and other material featuring Ace’s work.

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